by Before Semicolon

Template data binding

HTML+ uses curly braces to mark the data you want to bind to the template.

<button type="{type}">{label}</button>

This syntax work for attributes as well. It is a simple way to mark the variable which can also contain logic.

<button type="{type}">
   {type === 'button' ? 'Send' : 'Submit'}

You don't need to use curly braces for any HTML+ default attributes and don't need it also for some attributes specific to a HTML+ default attributes

Because the curly braces has meaning for HTML+ you should use the ignore tag or attribute to communicate you want it to be ignored.

<button type="button">Save <ignore>{Button}</ignore></button>

<!-- You can also use the ignore attribute -->
<button type="button" #ignore>Save {Button}</button>