by Before Semicolon

Static Assets

Any assets you link in your HTML pages, CSS and Javascript files must exist inside the pages directory.

The engine will resolve relative paths in the best of it abilities even when you want to build your site for production.

HTML assets

Relative path to assets are resolve even when you link them from partial files. All paths end up being resolved in relation to the page template file the partial was included at.

<img src="../assets/logo.png" alt="log">

CSS assets

Relative path of assets in CSS are also resolved even if you import different files. They are all resolved to be inside the pages directory in relation to the page the css file is linked to.

#banner {
	background: url(;

Javascript/Typescript assets

Import of assets inside javascript or typescript files are also resolved but what you get may vary from the actual text or content of the file. Almost all assets import will return simply the name of the file.

import logo from "../assets/logo.png";