by Before Semicolon

Serve Live

The best part of building a website is get to see it live when you are done and HTML+ makes the process easy by taking care of important decisions you have to make.

The engine already takes care of your website while you are in developing it. It also takes care of your website when you are taking it live by:

Use the environment value

The only thing you need to do when going from development mode to serving the website live in production is specify the production env for configuration. Everything else is taken care for you.

engine(app, path.resolve(__dirname, './pages'), {
	env: 'production',

Our tests show page rendering speed increase by a significantly amount and the template page compilation is reliably fast to support live template rendering.


It is very important to know that while live, if your static data changes, the template will not update and the reason for that is because the data is static.

To cause a page to be recompile you must make usage of dynamic context data.