by Before Semicolon


ignore tag details
name ignore
type tag
attributes value, escape
description A tag that will render only the content inside but does not compile the inner HTML and can escape it as well.


type: attribute : An attribute that can hold value which must be a variable or property which value is text or HTML markup. No curly braces are needed since the value is executed and not bind.
type: boolean attribute : A boolean attribute which does not need to have any value.

Usage Examples

Use it to wrap markup that contains special symbols that are special to HTML+ that you really want to show on the page

<!-- ignore since curly braces has special meaning
 for HTML+ -->
			const obj = {x: 10, y: 300};

Use it to show HTML code on the page by escaping the HTML and not compiling it.

<!-- escape so the tag is shown to the user as code -->
<ignore escape>
	<p>This is a simple paragraph</p>

Use it to ignore parts of the page that has no HTML+ syntax, tags or attributes to skip compilation all together.

<!-- ignore tags with no inner HTML+ syntax to speed compilation -->
	<nav aria-label="Main Menu">
		<h2 hidden>main navigation</h2>
		<a href="/">Home</a>
		<a href="/documentation">Documentation</a>
		<a href="/learn">Learn</a>

RenderNode markup coming from data fetched that contains HTML that is not HTML+ that needs to be rendered like articles post for example.

<!-- ignore variable with plain HTML markup as value
	to be rendered as is ans skip compiling time -->
<ignore value="$"></ignore>